Ninja Storm 3

Ninja Storm 3
By: Zmurkz - at June 14, 2013

10 Ninja Storm 3 Tips and Tricks Guide for Online Matches

Hi, It's Zmurkz here and I'm here to give you some tips for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 online matches. Phew, that was a mouthful! I've been playing the Ninja Storm 3 game since release now, and I really enjoy it, but I remember when I first started how much I sucked and how I kept losing every game which wasn't fun. I'm a lot better now and I want to help all you newbies with the top ten tips for online play to hopefully help you start winning matches! So, without further ado, let's begin!

Ninja Storm 3 Character Select Screen:
Ninja Storm 3 Character Select screen

Tip 1 Pick the Right Character
Now, before the match even begins, you must pick your character. There are over 80 characters in Ninja Storm 3 (providing that you finished the single player). Now, with so many characters, there will be some characters you do not like using. An example for me would be using any of the Puppet user characters, such as Kankuro and Sasori. I hate them, and I will lose any game I play with them because I am bad with them. Some characters, are faster than others, some are more powerful but slower, basically, every character is different. You want to find the character you like using. A good way to do this is to go to practice mode or free battle mode and just try lots of different characters. Of course, if you don't want to do that I suggest picking someone you like from the Anime/Manga, but, If I had to suggest a starter character, I would go with one of the basic Naruto characters. (Nine-Tailed Rasengan, Tailed Beast Bomb, Wind-Style Rasenshuriken). He is a good default character to start with. He is fast, versatile and has a good Rasengan Jutsu you can release very quickly. His combo's are strong and he has a good chakra Shuriken attack. I would also suggest trying any of the Sasuke characters and either of the Minato characters. Once you find the character you like, you will have a much better chance of winning all your matches.

Tip 2 Use your substitution button!
That's L2 on PS3 and LT on Xbox 360. When your match starts, you have 4 little orange bars underneath your health bar. These are your substitutions (Calling it Sub Jutsu from now on). If you are being attacked by your opponent you can press the Sub Jutsu button and instantly appear behind your enemy and start attacking them. Each time you do it you lose one of your four sub jutsus. They will recharge back up over time but the more you have used the longer they take to recharge back up. e.g. Someone missing 1 bar of Sub Jutsu would recharge that one quicker than someone missing all four (as shown below).

Substitution bars

Tip 3 Try to keep one sub jutso spare.
Try to always keep one sub jutsu spare. If you are being combo'd by your opponent and only have the one sub jutsu left, just take the damage and let the subs jutsus charge back up. They will charge much much quicker if you keep the one left. Of course, if the combo is going to kill you, use the last sub jutsu, but ideally you always want to have at least 1 sub jutsu at all times.

Using a Sub Jutsu:
Using a Sub Jutsu in Ninja Storm 3

Tip 4 Master the Chakra Dash
If you press Y and then A on Xbox or Triangle then X on PS3 you will do a Chakra Dash. This jolts you forward to your opponent or backwards away from your opponent depending on which direction you hold on the analogue stick. I say master it because, when your opponent sub jutsus you, if you get the timing right, you can quickly Chakra dash back to them and start hitting them again. If you get the timing perfectly right and they keep using there sub jutsu, you can keep Chakra dashing into them until they have none left. As soon as you see them sub, quickly press the Chakra dash button while aiming at them with the analogue. It's best to master this with a friend or in practice/free battle. This is a very important strategy in online battles and a lot of people have it mastered so be prepared. Also, don't forget using Chakra dash takes up your Chakra.

Tip 5 Always keep your Chakra meter as full as possible.
To charge Chakra, hold Y on Xbox or hold Triangle on PS3. If you ever have a little bit of time, charge up your chakra as it is vital to any large attack. If you have no Chakra for a long period of time, you will lose the battle, so always keep it charged.

Tip 6 Make use of Jumping.
Jump with A for Xbox and X for PS3. Jump is useful because it requires no chakra, you use it to jump over certain characters jutsus and it's useful for getting away. You can also double jump if your not moving by tapping the Jump button twice.

Jumping in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Tip 7 Block is very important.
Block with the RT on Xbox and the R2 Button on PS3. Blocking is so important because it stops you from taking damage. Use it to block anything. Block will block: jutsu, ultimate jutsu, combos, tilts and shuriken. Just be careful, as if you block too much you will be stunned for 3-5 seconds. As you get hit while blocking, you can see a little shield around your character, when it starts to become red you have blocked to much and you will be stunned soon, so watch for that.

Not Bliocking in Ninja Storm 3

Tip 8 Don't forget about your Grab ability!
You can grab by holding block and pressing B on Xbox or holding block and pressing circle on PS3. Grabs are the only move that can bypass a block. If someone is blocking give them a quick grab to deal some damage and get rid of the block.

Tip 9 Don't waste your supports!
You get two supports each match. Call them in with LB and RB on Xbox or L1 and R1 on PS3. Don't waste them, learn what each one does and use them at the right time. A little tip, with some characters such as Naruto, Sakura and Itachi, if you jump and use their support, their attack will be much much quicker. I also suggest always picking at least one guard type support every match. A good starter support is Choji and I also really like Shino's.

Support Characters

Tip 10 Don't give up!
When I first started I always lost but now I am much better with practice! The best tip is to practice. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying and you will get better, I promise. Don't let losing put you off! Also try doing player matches over ranked matches as most of the hard players are in the ranked match section.

That's the top ten tips I can give to newbies, I hope they helped you!





Ninja Storm 3
10 Ninja Storm 3 Tips and Tricks Guide for Online Matches

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