Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
By: Ash Strife - at August 5, 2013

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Episode 4 Walkthrough

We begin with a dialogue about a long past hostage situation. A shot is fired, and a body falls.

This was the first case of Mia Fey. Terry Fawles, a death row inmate, stands accused of murdering Valerie Hawthorne.

This all occurred 6 years before the current Phoenix Wright time frame. Phoenix Wright reminisces about the first case of his beloved mentor, Mia Fey, and the strange case that would lead to problems in Phoenix’s own future.

February 16th, 9:24 A.M. District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

Mia talks with Terry about the circumstances surrounding his current predicament. For a guy who never lies, never murdered anyone, or never escaped from anywhere, he’s got a pretty hefty record. Still, Mia can’t shake the feeling that he’s innocent. It’s not like his life’s at stake or anything…oh wait, it is.

February 16th, 10:00 A.M. District Court, Courtroom 4

Miles Edgeworth is ready to prosecute his first trial, and he’s just drooling all over his cravat at the chance to prove his worth. After an overview of the past and present crimes Terry stands accused of, Gumshoe delivers a standard, bumbling testimony.

Witness Testimony: Summary of the Incident

S1: On the day of the incident, an unknown person phoned the sergeant and asked to meet.

S2: Sergeant Hawthorne went to Dusty Bridge at the designated time and met with Mr. Fawles.

S3: And that’s where she was brutally murdered, sir.

S4: The criminal stuffed her body into his trunk and tried to make a getaway.

S5: Mr. Fawles was arrested at a police checkpoint we set up at the base of the mountain. Let’s get started flexing our muscles as Mia for the first time.

Cross Examination

Press S1: The unknown person was Fawles; Valerie had left a note about the call on her desk.

Victim’s Note added to the court record. Examine the note. Well, now we can be suspicious.

Press S2: Why would they have met at the bridge? It was important to the defendant because it’s where the young girl died, and where Hawthorne arrested Fawles.

Press S3: Was the body discovered right away? The criminal was found within an hour of the murder. Valerie didn’t mention the phone call, she just left a note.

Press S4: Fawles stole a car from a young couple waiting at a red light. Now we luck out and get a photo of the trunk, complete with Valerie’s body in the thick coat. There’s also a scratched keyhole in the trunk.

  • Crime Photo added to court record.

Valerie was stabbed in the back, which is verified by the knife in her back. Nothing like the obvious. Gumshoe adds to his testimony.

S4A: Here’s a photo of the trunk. But I don’t see anything strange, do you? Anyway…

Press S5: We find out that the checkpoint that caught Terry was set up just after 5:00 P.M.

Go back through the statements and press S4A. Terry says he didn’t do it. Does that contradict any evidence we’ve got? Yeah, sure does. Present the Victim’s Note at statement 4a.

EGADS, THERE’S NO SCARF PRESENT! Valerie was told in the note to wear a scarf, so why isn’t there one in the picture of the crime scene?

That’s because Miles has it. It’s blue, and muddy. It’ll go great with his magenta suit, but I always did like that cravat.

  • Scarf added into Courtroom Record.

Witness Testimony: Events on Dusky Bridge

S1: Actually, there’s an eyewitness who was there when the incident took place.

S2: This photo was accidentally taken by the witness. It shows her wearing the scarf, sir.

S3: It was drizzling that day; unfortunately, it’s a little hard to see what’s going on.

S4: Anyway, the criminal shoved the victim down from behind and stabbed her in the back!

S5: …That must have been when the scarf fell off. The witness is a woman who won’t testify; apparently she’s delicate. Since this isn’t Law and Order, we can’t make her…yet.

  • Witness’s Photo added into Courtroom Record.

Cross Examination

Press statement 1: The witness is a college student.

Press statement 2: The witness was taking pictures of flowers. Lovely.

Press statement 3: There was light rain, and fog.

Press statement 4: The victim was pushed in the back, and fell on her stomach.

Press statement 5: The witness didn’t remember the scarf.

Present the crime photo at S4. If it was raining, and the scarf is muddy, shouldn’t the jacket be dirty if Valerie fell down? Move the cursor to the jacket.

Of course, we’re not done. Now we’ve got to prove that the bridge was muddy. Easy enough, especially since Miles’s new accessory does the trick. Present the scarf.

Things are too messy to keep going without meeting this mystery witness. Brace yourself for the arrival of Melissa Foster, because she looks an awful lot like someone you probably don’t want to see again. She’s also complete with a parasol!

Witness Testimony: The Witness’s Photograph

S1: I…I was using my camera to take some pictures of wild flowers.

S2: Then I noticed there were two people standing up on the suspension bridge.

S3: Suddenly, they just started fighting!

S4: That’s when I took the photo that shows the crucial moment.

S5: And right after that, I called the police.

  • Camera added to the courtroom record. It’s safe to say that Melissa was standing behind the cliff, according to the photo.

Cross Examination

Press S2: They were having a serious conversation.

Press S3: Melissa claims she didn’t hear anything.

Press S4: She took a picture when they started fighting.

Press S5: The cops were already coming because of Valerie’s note.

Press S1: Shouldn’t there be flowers in this picture? That was why she came, after all.

Present witness’s photo at S4. According to the film in the camera, Melissa had used it all taking pictures of herself in the flowers. So why was there enough film left for one shot on a bridge away from any flowers? Melissa decides to amend her former testimony, and adds two statements.

S3A: The victim turned around and tried to run away, but…

S3B: She only got about 10 yards before she was stabbed in the back.

Press S3A: Why would she run? A knife hadn’t been pulled yet, so what made her flee?

Press S3B: Valerie couldn’t run, Terry caught her and killed her. Present the map at statement 3B. The bridge was collapsed, and the victim couldn’t have run even 5 yards, according to Mia.

Witness Testimony: Running from the Crime

S1: After he stabbed her in the back, he quickly picked her up in his arms.

S2: Then he carried her over to the car.

S3: I suppose that was the only way he could make sure the body stayed hidden.

S4: He couldn’t just leave the body on top of the bridge.

S5: Oh, I’m sorry…I’m only supposed to talk about what I saw.

Cross Examination

Press S1: The victim didn’t fall.

Press S2: This is when the scarf fell off.

Press S3: He definitely carried her.

Press S4: Lots of people go to the bridge to visit, so he can’t leave the body.

Press S5: Melissa didn’t get a clear look at any faces.

Present the map at S3. Terry and Valerie were on top of a bridge overlooking a river, so why didn’t Valerie get dumped? Again, we’re yelled at, this time for assertion without merit. But we still get Melissa to add to her testimony. The perks of being belligerent! S2A: The killer broke into the trunk of the stolen car and hid the body in there.

Press S2A: Terry got in the car after hiding the body, and Melissa called the cops.

Present the map at S2A. Mellissa couldn’t have seen the body, not from the spot she claims she was at. If she was behind the rock like she said she was when she took the photo, she couldn’t see the car or the scratches. Despite our logic, Melissa convinces the court to forgive her. Still, our lawyer senses are tingling, and we smell a contradiction.

Say that “It doesn’t work”. We do have reason to explain how Melissa knew about the scratches on the trunk, and our reason is that “She put the corpse in herself”. Of course the courtroom explodes, and after more debate, the courtroom goes into recess. Save your game, because we’ll be picking up where we left off—with a suddenly cantankerous witness/maybe murderer.

February 16th, 1:14 P.M. District Court. Defendant Lobby No. 4

We need a motive. After talking to Terry about the kidnapping 5 years ago, you find out that there’s a lot more between Valerie and Terry than we thought. That, and a girl named Dahlia. Shame she’s dead, right?

  • Diamond added to court record

February 16th, 1:49 P.M. District Courtroom No. 4

Witness Testimony: Melissa Foster’s History

S1: I…I was out of the country until the year before last.

S2: Until I entered college, I had never even been to Eagle Mountain before.

S3: And I certainly don’t have any reason for wanting to hurt a police officer.

S4: Holding a grudge and killing the officer who testified against you 5 years ago…

S5: Or kidnapping a poor girl…I just think the defendant is a terrible, horrible monster!

Cross Examination

Press S1: She was living abroad, parents killed in a civil war, Melissa didn’t have any personal ID

Press harder.

S1A: Naturally, I didn’t know either the victim or the defendant.

Press S1A: Melissa saw them both for the first time on the bridge.

Press S2: Melissa enjoys outdoor activities, but we’re not allowed to ask personal questions.

Press S3: Melissa could’ve seen anything at the station.

Press S4: Fawles is forgetful, why would he still hold a grudge?

Press harder.

S4A: I guess I’m lucky I wasn’t wearing a white scarf.

Press S4A: How would she know this? Press S5: Melissa was abroad when the original incident happened.

Present the scarf at S4A. She claims the scarf was white, but the scarf on the bridge was blue. The only way to know about a white scarf would be to have seen the note, so present the victim’s note. Melissa had to know the contents of the note. So, for the third person who knew the contents, present the profile of Dahlia Hawthorne. She is named in the note, after all.

Miles now admits that Melissa is Dahlia. Diego volunteers evidence for her motive. He’s lucky we’ve actually got some, or we’d probably spit in his coffee.

Present the victim’s note. Dahlia needed to keep Valerie’s mouth shut, but we’ve got to figure out exactly how they all tie together.

Witness Testimony: 5 Years Ago

S1: Five years ago, I was kidnapped by Mr. Fawles.

S2: The ransom price was a raw diamond. My sister, Valerie, brought it to the bridge…

S3: After she made the exchange, she shot Mr. Fawles in the arm!

S4: That’s when Mr. Fawles tried to kill me by shoving me off the bridge from behind!

S5: I survived, but I was afraid I might be kidnapped again for my family’s money…

S6: So I decided to charge my identity and start a new life…

That’s really sad that she had to go through all of that. Unless it was staged, which it was.

Cross Examination

Press S1: Fawles tutored Dahlia.

Press S2: It’d be easier to tell if the cops followed Valerie.

Press S3: Fawles had a knife.

Press S4: There was nowhere to run, so Fawles pushed her.

Press S5: Dahlia told her sister about her true identity.

Press S6: Valerie helped Dahlia start over.

Present the map at S4. It’s impossible for Dahlia to have been pushed from behind. She says she was pushed over the side. This contradicts the court record, so present the witness photo.

The railing was way too high to push someone over. When asked to prove why Dahlia risked her life by jumping into the rapids of the Eagle River, present the diamond.

Valerie was involved in the kidnapping, but we don’t have evidence that she planned it or where the diamond went. Only Terry can testify.

Witness Testimony: Who Terry Flawless Saw

S1: That day…4 P.M….I stopped the car. I was in front of bridge.

S2: She wasn’t there…so, I waited on bridge.

S3: I watched my car from bridge. I never put no body in that car!

S4: Finally, one woman came. She stood front of me.

S5: We talked…then she left.

S6: That was…That was Valerie. Not my Dahlia!

Cross Examination

Press S1: The meeting was supposed to be at 4:30, but he was 30 minutes early.

Press S2: Terry is used to waiting.

Press S3: The other side is broken, no one could’ve come. He’s certain it was Valerie.

Press S4: What did they talk about? Terry was certain that Dahlia was dead.

Press S5: It was very dark.

Mia begs Terry to take charge. Present the witness photo at S4.

Terry went to the bridge for a memento, giving Dahlia a place and time to hide the body of her sister. Terry starts coughing blood. If he couldn’t trust her, they had to drink from some bottle, so he did. He doesn’t want to be innocent. Terry dies, and Mia and Miles are emotionally scarred. Dahlia leaves with a smile. Diego breaks his mug, and his hand bleeds rather dramatically.

This case ends with Phoenix remembering how Dahlia was convicted, but something has happened to make him remember all this…

Episode 4: Turnabout Beginnings, End






Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Episode 4 Walkthrough

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