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How to Make The Most of Laning 2v2 in Dota 2

Laning in Dota 2

In this article I will try to refer to the mindset you must have when playing a MOBA, and explain a little about the game for those who do not know what it is about.

Matches are 5 on 5, where each team has a base; the main goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base. There are 3 paths, or lanes, to the base with turrets that you must destroy. Along the three lanes, each team sends automatically a fixed amount of units every 30 seconds. Each player has a hero that they can control, and must use this hero with different skills and items, to reach the ultimate goal, to destroy the opponent's base. The most common set up is to have a 2-1-2 setup, where 1 player goes mid and 2 players on each side lane.

Now that you know what the game is all about, I'll try to explain the mindset you should have so that you make the right decisions. The following assumes that you are in a lane 2v2.

It is important to have knowledge about the heroes of both your team and your opponentís team. The goal of being in a lane is to get as much XP and gold as possible and prevent your opponent from getting the same. When enemy creeps die, they give XP in a certain radius, it is important to stay close to where the units were fighting. To get gold, you have to kill the creep, which is a harder, especially if you do not have ranged attacks.

Let me try to illustrate the problem with an example. At the right lane there is Axe and Sand King on one team (team 1), while the opposing team (team 2) has Queen of Pain and Lion. Let's take this from the Axes point of view. Axe and Sand King are melee heroes with few escape capabilities, while Queen of Pain and Lion can attack from a distance, both with skills that make it easy to get escape or pursue an enemy. Now that all the info is in place, I'll take me three possible outcomes.

1: Team 1 does not know what abilities or attacks Team 2 have, and therefore they will only try to obtain gold (by killing creeps). Team 2 does the same, but because they can attack from a distance, they can also damage the Team 1 heroes, no problems. Team 1 continues to get gold, but keep getting attacked by Team 2, and is now on half health, Now Lion will stun and Queen of Pain can finish them off. We can see that team 2 is the stronger side, even without help from other lanes. This will let them win the lane, and Team 2 will therefore get owned large parts of the match, which adds that the whole team collapses.

2: Team 1 one knows what skills the opponent has, and decides to play cautiously, staying back but in range for the experience, and managing to get a few last hits. This will allow them to not feed, but it gives the other side an advantage again. Here the other team can almost free farm, and they can deny most of their own creeps.

3: Team 1 knows how their skills work, and how they can synergize their attacks. Since Team 2 has the weaker heroes, it will be easier to kill them. If Sand King lands a stun, while letting Axe get in close enough range to use his Berserkerís Call, with all the creeps attacking him with a few levels in Counter Helix they might be able to get a kill.

So which of these cases has the best game sense? Well, the better you know the heroes, the better you can perform, the best example is example 3, but if you are playing against skilled players, or youíre not that good yourself, you might want to follow example and stay back to just get experience and gold. Whatever team 2 did, they would have had a disadvantage, which could be changed, if they had picked other heroes.

To sum this up; you should know what skills and abilities all heroes on both teams have, and then ask yourself these questions: How can they take me? From how far? What skills do I have or allies that can counter-attack the enemy team? What is the best route to escape from where I am? If you know the answer to these questions, you will most likely prevent unnecessary deaths.





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