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DOTA 2 Carry Guide

Guide for Playing as CarryThe carry role is the most important on the team, and is usually always necessary to dominate your opponent. The person playing a carry has to carry his team to victory in the late part of the game, hence the name carry. The characteristic of such heroes is that once they get farmed and the items they need, they are near invincible, if played right they get a big lead in gold and XP. A carry playing his role right will at best be able to take care of much of the opposing team completely on his own, and thereby ensure victory.

A carry can either be in the middle lane, or on one of the other lanes, but with a support hero (babysitter) who does not need gold (I will explain the role of a support in a different article). As a carry in the beginning you should try to acquire as much gold as possible, by only last hitting the enemy creeps ( while the support hero focuses on denying our creeps). Avoid spending time trying to attack your opponent, or other things that will prevent you from getting gold and XP. Your sole objective is to get farmed. You should only leave the lane if there is a guaranteed kill. You should not attack creeps constantly, only last hit, as this would result in pushing your creeps to the opposing tower, where the enemy team will have a slight advantage and it will hinder your chance to last hit creeps.

In mid game, when itís not always best to be in a lane and farming, you should be focusing on getting your gold from other places. This means you have to keep farming the jungle, and killing the ancients. Hopefully if you have good support they will stack the jungle camps and ancients for you, if not you can do this yourself (I will cover how to best jungle in another article).

A carry should focus on making themselves as strong as possible, and this often in the form of items that increase the damage to the base attacks. Items, such as Black King Bar, that makes the user immune to magic for a short duration can be crucial in team fights.

DOTA 2 CarryThere is also a sub class of carry, called semi carry. These heroes are usually strong mid game, and can continue into late game if the keep shutting down the enemy heroes. For instance a 20 min Slardar with a blink dagger and armlet can turn things around quickly if played right. The main difference between a semi carry and a carry, is that the semi carry will only focus on farming early game, and spend mid game going around the map ganking and setting up kills. Depending on the type of carry you are playing, and how your team is performing, timing is vital. When should you stop farming, and come out to kill? Some carries are best in mid game, while some are best at late. You have to judge yourself how your team is doing, but generally, if they donít need you, and you arenít guaranteed a kill, youíre better off farming.

Generally one can say that heroes that have abilities that scale well are those who do the role best, as their abilities will always be effective. Examples include Spectre, who has an ability that reflects some of the damage taken, or Phantom Assassin with its strongest critical hit ability in game, which gives 15% chance to increase damage by 450% for an attack, combining this with good items can give critical hits above 1200 damage, and can one hit many heroes.

Lastly, when picking a carry, try to see what your team and the enemy team has picked. You want to pick a hero that synergizes well with your team, like Juggernaut and Venomancer. Also avoid picking heroes that the enemy team can counter, like if they have Slardar or Bounty Hunter, do not pick an invisible hero.

Playing a carry effectively is therefore not too difficult, but we have a great responsibility. Be sure to be as strong as possible, so to end the game by your allies. Then it's just to vote, or ask if there are any questions.





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