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Dota 2 Hotkey Gameplay Guide

Multitasking in Dota 2 with HotkeysWhat I notice all newer players seem to struggle with is multitasking. This article will cover what you need hotkeys for, and what I personally use, and hopefully make your gameplay quicker and more efficient. Hotkeys can be changed within the game by pressing the gear, and finding Controls.

Dota 2 Skills and Items Hotkeys
The first thing I will mention is the skills and items you can use. Skills has pretty good hotkeys, which are easy to reach (Q, W, E, R), there should be no reason to change them. To deny, use hotkey attack on the creep you want to deny. This is generally A, which should not be changed. For items I like to use my mouse buttons, but if you don’t have that I would recommend using the numbers 1-6.

Dota 2 Hotkeys

Hotkeys for Heroes in Dota 2
Next is the hero you play. It is important to have a button for the hero, in case you select more than just the hero, for example when you need to escape only with the hero, and not all the selected illusions or creeps you might have summoned. Here I use Z. On the other hand, if you have several heroes, illusions or creeps selected, you can use tab to cycle through them.

Dota 2 courierThe courier is very important, because it will give you your items without having to go back to base. It is vital to not spend too much time moving items to the courier, and then sending it, and it is therefore obvious that one should have a hotkey for this. I use X to get into courier and Q to obtain from stash, W to place items in the stash, E to send items, and R to speed boost the flying courier. There is also a shortcut for the lazy people, this means that the courier collects from the stash and delivers, only with a key. This is usually K, but I use V. Be careful when you use the courier, if it dies, the enemy team gets a nice gold boost. Communication is vital to good team play. To communicate effectively with the team, I have M to say "Missing", B for "Get back," and P for "Push". If you want you can add other commands as well, such as “Well Played”. And if you have a microphone, you can use T to talk, although I have configured this to one of my mouse buttons.

I would also like to mention that you can use the shift key to que commands. This is very useful on some heroes like Sand King, if you shift R and blink, you will finish channeling your ulti before blinking in, allowing you to hit with every single pulse. This is also very using with Enigma, if you shift blink and R, you will instant channel your ultimate when you blink in, before anyone can react and stun you.

Lastly, I would recommend taking off auto-attack, and use space to “hold” to cancel attacks or attack animations. This is great for last hitting!





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