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How to jungle in Dota 2

DOTA 2 Camps

Jungling is to take monsters in the jungle, so you do not have to share the gold and XP with someone on a lane, making an extra source of both. This then leads to that there is a lane in which there is a 1vs2 situation; the solo laner should pick a hero that is suitable for a solo lane.

The jungle contains camps of different difficulty. On the picture to the right you can see where the different camps are, the tough ones are red, blue are medium, and green are easy camps.

A jungler is a hero that is capable of farming the jungle with his abilities from the start of the game. This is something that should be done in the early phase of a game, up unto about 15-20 minutes, after that point most heroes will be strong enough to run in and take a camp on their own. As illustrated, there are 1 easy, 2 medium and 2 hard camps. There are also some ancient camps, but since these creeps are relatively strong, I wonít cover that here. Creeps spawn in all the camps at 0:30, and then every minute thereafter. There times are important, and should be watched carefully to farm effectively. You should try to kill a camp before :55 of every minute, this will make sure the new camp spawns right after. If you canít kill them within this time, you can choose to stack the creep camp.

Playing as a Jungler

One thing I have to mention is that if you have the opportunity to help the team on the way, or get a kill, do it. Just because one jungles, there is no excuse to totally ignore lanes. Stay tuned, watch the minimap, and if you see the opportunity to get a quick kill, get it, this is easy with some heroes like Natures Prophet that can just teleport anywhere and trap heroes, or Lifestealer with one of the most powerful slows.

Now that I have explained how the mechanics behind jungling works, I will explain the 3 different subtypes.

Summoning heroes
These heroes have the ability to get monsters to help them, either by taking over the monsters from the jungle, or call their own. A few examples include Chen, Lone Druid and Enigma. These heroes usually have the ability to start with the harder camps, as they let their monsters take damage, while taking care of the enemies. These heroes have one thing in common, and that is that they need mana. So before you start off, make sure you acquire some Clarity potions or a Ring of Basilus.

Aoe heroes
These heroes can hit multiple creeps at once, which give them an advantage in the jungle. Examples include Axe, with Counter Helix, and the Alchemist Acid Spray. At the beginning you should start killing the easy camps while stacking the bigger, once your level is high enough you should start killing the stacked camps. This is usually around level 4-6. Some AOE (area of effect) ability costs mana, you should obtain something Clarity potions and healing items that are needed, since you do not have anyone else who can take the damage. To improve survival, Stout Shield is good to acquire at the start.

Heroes with life steal
These are heroes that refill health as they attack. They should be jungled almost the same way as the previous group. Start killing the easy camps, and then work your way through the harder camps. Examples of such heroes are Skeleton King and Lifestealer. The most important items to start with are items that increase the survivability, making sure the life steal sustains you while you farm. This can be done by obtaining Stout Shield and / or quelling blade and healing items, as backup.

The last 2 things I want to mention are the ancient camps and Roshan. Ancient camps are tough creeps; they are magic immune and have more hp and damage than regular creeps. Normally the teams carry will kill these camps, and it is helpful to stack them when you can. Roshan is a neutral monster that is much tougher. He is almost impossible to kill alone (but some heroes can), when he dies he gives 200 gold to the entire team, and a token that will resurrect the player when he dies. After Roshan has been killed a few times he will drop a Cheese additionally to the token, this will restore the playerís heros mana and hp. Roshan respawns every 10 minutes, and this is how long the token lasts on the player if he does not die in the time period.

To sum it all up; the junglers mission is to open up another way to get gold and XP. In order to farm efficiently it is important to deal with the time mechanics and stack camps when you can. When you can you should try to get kills, and when you have enough farm you should start ganking and focusing on disrupting the enemy team.





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