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Dota 2 Support Heroes Guide

The support

Support GuideIn this guide I will cover the role of the support player. Team composition is an important aspect of the game, and usually there should be 2 or at least 1 support. Playing a support class right can be a big game changer, and really help out the other players on the team. It is a really fun class to master.

Contrary to what some people think, not only intelligence heroes can be played as support. A Vengeful Spirit can be as good support as Sand King or Lion. The ideal support hero does not require a lot of gold and he relies on his abilities, like stuns, CCs, mana drains, buffs or curses and heals.

The sole purpose of a support is to fully help out their team as much as possible. A support should purchase items that help the team, such as the courier, observer and sentry wards, dust of disappearance, and sometimes smoke of deceit. At the start of the game you should buy the courier and set of observer wards, and then upgrade the courier when you have the gold for it, usually a few minutes in.

Early game

If you are laning with another hero, you should let him get as much gold and XP as possible. This is done by trying to deny as many of your creeps as possible while letting your laner get all the last hits. You should also focus on harassing, and trying to put pressure on and pushing the enemy heroes away from the range of XP.

Early game - support


Playing Support - Early Game

Another option you have when you are laning is where you can pull your own creeps into the jungle, this can only be done in top lane by dire and bottom lane by radiant. This is called creep pulling, or simply pulling, and is done by attacking the camp closest to the outer most tower and pulling the creeps into your incoming creeps, this can be done every minute at 16-17 seconds or 46-47 seconds. If you pull this off right, creeps from your team will enter the jungle and start fighting the creep camp. This allows you to get XP and some gold, while your laner is getting all the XP from the lane, and you get to deny the enemy heroes XP and gold.

A better way to do this is to first stack the creep camp. This will let you get more XP and it will deny the entire creep wave from your team. After the creeps first spawn at 0.30 seconds, they keep spawning every minute. If you attack them at 53 seconds and pull them away, new creeps will spawn at the minute mark, and you will have 2 sets of creeps. This is called stacking. A good way to start the game is to wait by the creep camp until 0.53 seconds, then pull it, wait, and then pull it again at 1.16 to your creep wave. If done right you will prevent the enemy team from getting an entire wave of XP and gold. If you are up against a solo lane, or your lane partner is handling his lane well you should go roam around the map and set up ganks. Run behind the enemy hero in mid lane and stun him or teleport to the opposite lane from where you are and try to help get two kills.

Mid game

Mid game you should make sure wards are up, and that the courier is upgraded. After these essentials are taken care of you should work with your team to set up ganks or stack any of the creep camps in your jungle (for your carry) and also the ancients. You should never go farm anywhere, only help others farm and in fights.

Playing Support - Mid Game

Dota 2 mid game


Warding support

Warding is done to get sight on the map, and to see what is going on. If any heroes are missing, wards might be able to reveal an incoming gank, and also set up unsuspecting foes for ganks. The minimum a support should ward is 1 of the rune spots. The rune spawns at 0, and then every 2 minutes. Your mid hero will benefit greatly if he can see where the rune is and what it is, and will then be able to set up ganks around the map. Having early rune control is sometimes the key to victory.

Dota 2 Warding

Placing a ward at the creep camp will block the creeps from spawning. This can be done from the start of the game, if you suspect they will pull, or later if they already are pulling. Just walk up to the creep camp and place the ward, it will block the next 6 minutes. If the enemy team has a jungler, you could also place wards in the other creep camps to block their spawn.


As for items, you have to consider what works best with your team; this is situational depending on what heroes your team has and what heroes your enemy team has. A good rule is to start off with Arcane Boots to be a mana battery for your team, and then to get Mechanism or Urn of Shadows if your teams does not have any healers. Situational items are Force Staff (I personally love this item, it is very versatile and I get it on almost every support), Scythe of Vyse (if the enemy team has someone very annoying you can sheep them!), Ghost scepter (to become immune to physical attacks). Also always remember to carry TP scrolls, it is important to be able to teleport and help out teammates in fights.





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