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Top 10 Leveling Tips in SWTOR I Recommend

Hello, Iím Zmurkz and I have some tips for faster leveling in the new MMORPG, ĎStar Wars: the Old Republicí created by BioWare.

Now before I start, if you would like to know more about the game, or maybe purchase it for yourself then go to the official SWTOR Website. Make sure to regularly check this website for the latest news on the game.

Here are my top 10 Leveling Tips:

StarWars Old Republic Class choices1. When starting your Star Wars adventure you will need to choose a class. Make sure to choose a class that interests you. Although this may seem obvious, I thought it would be a good idea to point out that your choice should not be affected by other peopleís opinions. donít be put off by what other people say. Ignore all that, choose what you want to, itís your adventure! If you want to be a Bounty Hunter, be a Bounty Hunter! If youíre the class you want to be you will enjoy the game a lot more and thatís what games are all about in the end, Enjoyment.

2. Always do the bonus quests. Bonus quests are a great way to get more XP while youíre doing the normal game quests. Most quests in the game involve some sort of bonus quest and you should always try to complete it. Never begin any quest, bonus or otherwise if the quest is grey in your quest log as this will give no XP and will be a waste of time.

3. Along with Bonus quests make sure to always do the bonus series. Every planet (except the starter planets) has a bonus series and they should be completed. Unless, like I said earlier, the quests are grey.

SWTOR Bonus Quests4. Always do the Companion quests. Each Class receives 6 companions throughout their adventure, each one can be spoken to and each one has their own mini story line to complete. If a companion has a quest above there head always complete it straight away for some easy experience. Also, use a companion that suits your morale choices. For example, if Iím playing an evil dark side Sith Warrior and using Vette as my companion I wonít get a lot of affection with Vette as my dark side decisions constantly clash with her personality. However if I chose a different companion, I may gain affection a lot quicker because they would agree with my personal decisions in my story and be able to complete more companion quests for more XP.

5. Always try to log out in a cantina for rested XP. Rested XP is a mechanic used in many MMORPGs and it will reward you with double experience when you log back in. The length of the double XP buff is dependent on how long you are logged out in a cantina.

6. Every player in SWTOR has the ability to ĎQuick Travelí. Quick Travel is a game mechanic that is very similar to World of Warcraftís Hearthstone ability. Quick Travel allows you to teleport to any location in the game (as long as youíre on the correct planet) provided you have accessed that specific quick travel terminal. Always use the quick travel ability instead of walking when the ability is available as it will decrease your traveling time and lead to faster leveling.

Quick Travel7. Donít do the heroic quests. The heroic quests are not worth your time because the XP gained isnít enough to justify the time you put into it.

8. From the beginning of the game, make sure to save up for your speeder training and vehicle. The 3 speeder training abilities can be unlocked at level 25, 40 and 50 respectively. Level 25 speeder training will cost you 35000 credits, on top of this you will also have to pay around 10000 for your vehicle. Make sure to sell all your junk items to vendors as you level up your character in order to gain credits towards your training and vehicle.

SWTOR NPC9. When choosing a quest reward make it a necessity to choose gear that is best for you first. If there is no gear that is better than what you currently have equipped then either choose something that is better for your companion or choose a planet commendation as these commendations can be spent and will reward you and your companion with good gear.

10. The final tip is an obvious one. You can skip conversations to increase your leveling speed, of course this will make you miss out on a lot of the gameís stories and therefore I only recommend this if you are familiar with the gameís stories. Another option would be to skip all conversations except your class story quests as these are, in my opinion the best stories the game has to offer.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found these tips helpful!  If you guys have any additional tips please add to it with the comments below..





Top 10 Leveling Tips in SWTOR I Recommend


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