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Black Ops 2
By: Zmurkz - at April 23, 2013

Black OPS 2 Intel Locations Guide

Black Ops 2 is the newest Call of Duty game as of 2013 and like it's predecessors, this game has a bunch of intel's to collect in the campaign mode. Collecting all 33 Intel will net you with the 'High IQ' achievement. I have also recorded me getting every intel with HD video, so if you ever get stuck, check out the video for more help. One more thing, Make sure you equip the campaign perk 'Access Kit' before you start a mission. It's on by default, so if this is your first time, it should be on already. The reason being, if I ever explain an intel location by stating 'next to the [object] you can access' then it's easy for you to see that, as without the perk it won't say you can access it. Right, with all that said, let's get started!

Level 1 Pyrrhic Victory

Here is a video demonstration of levels 1-7:

Intel 1 The very first intel for Black Ops 2 is at the beginning of the level. After you ride the armoured jeep for a couple of minutes and are told to blow up the enemy mortal locations, look to the right and you should see an armored jeep that is on it's side with an 'Access' option on it. The Intel is location behind this jeep in a small hole on the ground.

Pyrrhic Victory Intel

Intel 2 After jumping out of the helicopter with Hudson and landing on the boat, look on the left side of the boat, there will be a small ladder. Once you have climbed the ladder, look right and the intel is in a small corner.

Pyrrhic Victory intel 2

Intel 3 After the small cutscene with Menendez, you'll retreat with Hudson and Woods. You'll stop once and then after a couple of minutes, Hudson will throw smoke. Follow him down the water path, while doing so, look left for a tree with a ladder on it (the frontmost tree). The intel is at the top of the ladder on the floor of the wood.

Pyrrhic Victory intel 3

Level 2 Celerium

Intel 1 After fighting enemies for a few minutes you'll come to a large area with a black drone you can 'Access' behind this drone is an opening in the wall. The intel is inside the opening on a table.

Celerium intel 1

Intel 2 Once you enter the underground base and fight the first wave of enemies, the intel is in the first room on your left on a desk. It's even possible to get through the window if you want. (I show both routes in the video).

Celerium intel 2

Intel 3 After you have the small cutscene with the Erik, you'll have a large gunfight with drones and enemy soldiers. After this battle, continue up the small walkway into the next room. The intel will then be straight ahead of you on a desk.

Celerium intel 3

Level 3 Old Wounds

Intel 1 After you ride the horse for the first time, you'll have a small cutscene in a cave. Straight after this cutscene, the intel is to your right on the wooden boxes.

Old Wounds intel 1

Intel 2 After planting the explosives and blowing up the small archway you'll be back on your horse. Follow the path and you'll see some red flags as you go along. Eventually, you will see the SECOND red flag with some ammo boxes. Go towards the flag and get off your horse. The intel is on the floor by the red flag.

Old Wounds intel 2

Intel 3 Once you get to the huge gun fight with lots of wooden bridges you'll see a big dark cave opposite you (right of you if you're looking directly at the wooden bridges). The intel is on the floor in the cave.

Old Wounds intel 3

Level 4 Time and Fate

Intel 1 Once you enter the barn as Menendez you should see a small wooden cart. The intel is on the back of the cart.

Time and Fate intel 1

Intel 2 As Mason, you'll come across a large gunfight with two towers either side of a large set of stairs. The intel is in the tower on the right on the second floor. You'll have to jump off the ladder to reach it. It's a lot easier than it sounds.

Time and Fate intel 2

Intel 3 You'll eventually go underground and come across a cocaine lab. Kill all the enemies and continue past the middle area with all the tables, then enter the room on your left. The intel is in that room on a wooden bench.

Time and Fate intel 3

Level 5 Fallen Angel

Intel 1 Right at the start of the level, the intel is on your right on the bottom shelf.

Fallen Angel intel 1

Intel 2 After you push through the gate with Harper to dodge the bus you'll start to walk with him. Instead of following him forward, take the first right turn, the intel is on the floor.

Fallen Angel intel 2

Intel 3 When your sneaking past the two drones with Harper, you'll come across a half destroyed Bank (it says 'Bank' on the building so look for that). Enter the building with Harper, but instead of turning right when he does, continue straight forward. The intel is on the floor.

Fallen Angel intel 3

Level 6 Karma

Intel 1 Once you enter the server room (you'll have your eye scanned before you enter). Take a right, the intel is on a table.

Karma intel 1

Intel 2 Once you start to chase DeFalco, you'll come to a giant mall shopping area. Look for the shop on the bottom floor called 'd'HO', the intel is on a table at the back of the room behind the two computer monitors.

Karma intel 2

Intel 3 Still while you're chasing DeFalco, you'll come to a large outside area. Look for the huge fountain and go past it. Stick to the right side of the path and you'll see a small shopping desk stand with a computer monitor on it. The intel is on the desk next to the monitor.

Karma intel 3

Level 7 Suffer With Me

Intel 1 After dropping through the skylight on to the catwalk. Continue forward through the small rooms until you see some stairs going down. Instead of going down, look to the left, you will see some grey shelves, the intel is on said shelves.

Suffer With Me intel 1

Intel 2 - Once you start escorting Noriega you'll come across a huge church like building Around 95M away from your objective, instead of going forward into the court yard, go left into the small building, (Griffiti next to the door). The intel is on the desk to the left.

Suffer With Me intel 2

Intel 3 You'll enter a building and have a small cutscene, continue into the room straight in front of you, The intel is on a metal desk.

Suffer With Me intel 3

Level 8 Achilles Veil

Here is a video demonstration for levels 8 - 11:

Intel 1 At the start of the level, instead of leaving through the centre archway, take the right path and you will see a door to a building. Go up the small set of stairs and the intel is on the floor.

Achilles Veil intel 1

Intel 2 Once you get control of the drones, continue on and you should see a small building on the left. Enter through the door and look for some boxes in the corner, the intel is hidden behind these boxes.

Achilles Veil intel 2

Intel 3 Continue on to the large open sandy area and you'll be given an option to go left or right. Go right, leading to the large building. Then take the ladder to the rooftop of the building. The intel is on a box on the rooftop.

Achilles Veil intel 3

Level 9 Odysseus

Intel 1 After hacking the Sentry gun hanging from the ceiling in the large dark room, you'll continue on to the front area of the ship. You'll see from your objective that you need to use the computer in the middle of the room. However, before that look on the right side of the room, the intel is on a table.

Odysseus intel 1

Intel 2 After the cutscene with Menendez, continue on until you see an entrance down into a red coloured area. Instead of going down, take a right next to the door up a tiny set of stairs, the intel is on a small table next to some chairs.

Odysseus intel 2

Intel 3 Towards the end of the level in the huge outside battle area, continue on until your about 60M away from the objective. Towards the right side, you should see two large planes. Look in the open door of the furthest away plane, the intel is on the floor in the plane by the open door.

Odysseus intel 3

Level 10 Cordis Die

Intel 1 After you choose the either Rappel down or Cover fire with a Sniper you'll leave the motorway area and rappel to the floor. Look on the left side for a destroyed jeep. The intel is behind the said jeep.

Cordis Die intel 1

Intel 2 After the driving the jeep for a while, you will have a small cutscene. Once you can move again, look for the large hotel on your left, there is even a large green sign above it. The intel is inside on the middle desk behind some brochures.

Cordis Die intel 2

Intel 3 Continue on and look for the building with the sign outside stating 'SHOPS at the plaza'. Go inside and continue up the small escalators, the intel is on your right with all the folded t-shirts.

Cordis Die intel 3

Level 11 Judgment Day

Intel 1 After killing some enemies and progressing through the level a bit. You'll start to see numbered buildings. Look for the building numbered 27. Go inside and go upstairs, the intel is the table in the corner.

Judgment Day intel 1

Intel 2 Once you enter the massive computer room with the huge monitors, Go to the left most side. On the third row of computers you will see the intel at the end of the table.

Judgment Day intel 2

Intel 3 Towards the end of the level, you'll enter a dark room with some stairs to go up on the right side. Go past these stairs and you'll see some stairs going down but it will be blocked by a yellow object. Simple walk through the yellow object and follow the path to the end of the room. The intel is on a grey crate.

Judgment Day intel 3

That is every Intel in Black Ops 2! I hope this guide helped!

For a lot more useful tips, I would check out black ops 2 guru, there's a small fee for it, but well worth it in my opinion.

Thanks for reading/watching.






Black Ops 2
Black OPS 2 Intel Locations Guide

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