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Siren Build Guide - Borderlands 2

As a Borderlands 2 player with over 200+ hours in the game, I have seen many players running their sirens not to their max potential for the battles they face. I have achieved my Siren to level 61 and have been helping other players chose a build that suits them.

Siren - Borderlands 2

Build Name – The Jack of all Trades

Siren Weapons

For my Jack of all Trades Build, there is some gear that stands out from the rest to help keep you alive, while easily dismembering enemies.

Binary Rubi - This gun is pretty standard in almost any build due to the fact that any damage that this weapon causes returns to you as health. The Binary prefix is not necessary, but causes the gun to shoot 2 shots per click, making healing faster. I would recommend getting slag element on this weapon to maximize healing.

Borderlands 2 - Binary Rubi

Puissant Norfleet - This weapon will be used to gain your second winds when you go down. The Norfleet has a massive amount of damage and shoots 3 e-tech rockets at once, each with a large splash radius. I recommend a fire element on this weapon for that extra DoT (Damage over Time) so if anything survives the initial blast, the fire will quickly kill them. The Puissant prefix is not necessary, but it causes the Norfleet to have additional damage over any other prefix.

Puissant Norfleet - Borderlands 2

Rightsizing Bitch - This weapon is your loader killer due to the fact that that with a corrosive element on it, its pinpoint accuracy utterly rips loaders and any metal wearing enemies apart. I prefer the Rightsizing prefix due to the increased damage per shot.

Borderlands 2 - Rightsizing Bitch

Gunstock Maggie - This pistol is a beast. It is my primary weapon against average enemies especially in close range. This is a Jacobs pistol so it cannot spawn with an element, but it’s very high damage along with its as fast as you can click fire rate, it completely annihilates your foes. This gun is best used in close range because it shoots 6 shots at the cost of 1 bullet with pretty low spread. I prefer the Gunstock prefix because it helps keep the accuracy high when shooting quickly.

Gunstock Maggie - Borderlands 2

Other guns to consider, depending on the situation, are the Confrence Call, Slagga, Avenger, Florentine, Blockhead, Skull Smasher and Cobra.

Siren Shields

Your shield can greatly affect your play style with your character, from staying at a distance, to being close and personal with your foes, your shield can make the difference.

The Bee - The Bee shield is one that almost everyone knows about. It is an amp shield with very high amp damage, with 0 amp cost, giving you insane amounts of damage every shot until you take damage. I prefer the Inflammable prefix so that I gain immunity to fire damage. This shield is best used at a distance to reduce the chance of being hit.

Borderlands 2 - The Bee Gun

The Sham - The Sham is an absorption shield with a very high chance to absorb enemy bullets to your own ammo. The best Sham shield that can be obtained has a 94% chance to absorb enemy bullets, reducing that shots damage to 0.

Borderlands 2 - The Sham Gun

Flame of the Firehawk - The Flame of the Firehawk shield is a nova shield with increased recharge delay time, for this shield, its best to keep taking damage because as long as your shield is at 0, you will be consensually releasing very high and very large nova blasts. This shield is best used in the heart of the battle so that the nova blast does as much damage as possible.

Flame of the Firehawk Gun

Other possible shields to use could be the Black Hole, Transformer, Evolution or the Neogenator.

Siren Class Mods

As for class mods, there is only one mod that perfectly fits the role of Jack of all Trades.

Legendary Siren Class Mod - This class mod perfectly suits the purpose of this class, giving increased points in many skills we will be using (see below) as well as additional gun damage and cool down rate.

Legendary Siren Class Mod

Siren Relics

As far as relics go, there’s some flexibility. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Bone of the Ancients - This relic really helps during battles. With a +33% elemental damage of your choice and a +39% cool down rate, it makes things simpler during fights and proves useful. I usually keep one for each element in my bag (fire, shock and corrosive) and switch them depending on my foes.

Bone of the Ancients - Boderlands 2

Blood of the Ancients - Blood of the Ancients combines a Vitality Relic and a Stockpile Relic which makes it very useful for for players who tend to use one specific weapon type more often then others.

Blood of the Ancients - Borderlands 2

Siren Grenade Mods

Grenade Mods are useful for clearing out entire rooms of enemies, or dealing massive damage to a single enemy. Here is what I recommend.

Sticky Homing Meteor Shower/Bonus Package - My personal favorite grenade in the game. The Bonus Package explodes, then breaks into 9 more grenades which explode, which break into 9 more grenades and explode. All these explosions add up to a great amount of damage on your enemy. The Meteor Shower is a seraph version of this grenade, with not only increased damage, but breaks into 12 instead of the normal 9 grenade spawns. I prefer the prefix Sticky Homing due to the fact that I can throw my grenade, then it flies towards my opponent and attaches itself to them, making sure the damage is maximum.

Sticky Homing Meteor Shower - Borderlands 2

Sticky Longbow Quasar - This grenade is made for multiple foes. The blast of this grenade pulls everyone together, then explodes for an absolutely huge amount of damage. I prefer the Sticky Longbow prefix because I can throw my grenade in the middle of an area, and all my foes get sucked into one easy to shoot spot.

Sticky Longbow Quasar - Borderlands 2

Sticky Homing Leech - I recommend this grenade for when you are low on health. This grenade has a built in life steal affect so all the damage that it does, returns health to you. I prefer the Sticky Homing prefix so that when I'm low on health, I can throw my grenade and almost be certain that it will stick to someone and heal me. I recommend a fire version to heal you with the DoT damage as well.

Borderlands 2 - Sticky Homing Leech

Siren Skill Point Distribution

Skill Point Distribution - Borderlands 2

Motion Tree

Ward - Ward is a great skill because at level 10/5 (see class mods), it gives your Siren +50% shield capacity, as well as -80% recharge delay. Great skill and needed to move down the tree.

Accelerate - Accelerate is all about killing people, and doing it fast. At level 10/5 (see class mod), this skill gives +30% gun damage, as well as +40% bullet speed. Damage is damage, and in Borderlands, damage is gladly accepted any day.

Suspension - Suspension increases the duration of your Sirens phase lock. This is great for both holding an enemy out of the way longer, as well as damage (see wreck)

Converge - Converge allows your phase lock to pull other opponents towards the original phaselocked enemy. This is great for pulling bandits out of cover or bringing people closer for maximum devastation.

Quicken - Quicken increases the cool down rate of your phaselock. Combined with previous cool down rate increases (see class mods and relics), your Siren can obtain a cool down time of 6 seconds, instead of the base 13 seconds.

Harmony Tree

Minds Eye - Minds eye increases melee damage, but more importantly, increases critical hit damage. With level 10/5 (see class mods), you can obtain +50% critical hit damage, as well as +60% melee damage. Critical hit damage is always useful, and this skill is more useful towards this build then your other option.

Wreck - Wreck does exactly what the skill is called. It wrecks people. This skill makes it so that whenever you have someone phaselocked, you gain increased fire rate, as well as gun damage. With level 5/5, you gain +50% fire rate bonus, as well as a +30% gun damage. This skill pairs very well with Suspension to gain fire rate and gun damage as long as possible.

Res - Res is only useful when playing co-op, but can make a major difference when doing so. When a friend is down, you can cast your phaselock on them to instantly revive them, bringing them to their feet. Res works at a range as well so you don't have to rush over to help them and worry about dieing yourself. (If you do not plan on playing co-op, I would recommend placing that point into Quicken.)

Cataclysm Tree

Flicker - Flicker increases your chance of inflicting status damage (fire, corrosion, slag and shock). With level 10/5 (see class mods), you gain gain a +60% chance to inflict status damage. The +60% from this weapon is not added to your original value, but rather multiplied. (Example: gun base chance = 20%, skill level 10/5 (+60% chance). Instead of being 80%, its rather .2 + .2 * .6, giving us a 32% chance to inflict.)

Foresight - Firesight increases your reload speed and magazine size. At level 10/5 (see class mods), you gain a +40% magazine size, as well as a +50% reload speed. This skill lets you shoot longer, and reload quicker, great skill for keeping the bullets going.

Immolate - Immolate adds additional fire damage to all you shots in fight for your life mode. At level 5/5, you gain an increased +50% damage in fight for your life mode as fire damage. This can be a great help to gain second winds as fire damage also has a DoT affect.

Chain Reaction - Whenever you have an enemy phaselocked, any bullets you shoot at that enemy (melee and rockets do not apply) will have a chance to damage then enemy, then bounce to another enemy and hit them with the same bullet. At level 5/5, Chain Reaction has a 40% chance to ricochet towards another opponent.

Reaper - Reaper is a skill that makes boss fights so much easier. Reaper gives you bonus damage to any foe who has over 50% health remaining. At level 5/5, Reaper gives you a +40% damage increase, making it almost mandatory for boss fights (unless not playing as dps).

Ruin - Ruin is a god among skills, and Converge makes it all the lot better. Whenever you cast your phaselock, it activates Ruin, causing an explosion guaranteed to slag, then electrocute (shock), then corrode (corrosion). With Converge, this skill can hit multiple enemies at once, inflicting them all, and may outright kill them.

I hope I have helped you with your Borderlands 2 Siren adventure, feel free to add me on Steam:  Elder.





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