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All Enemy Intel Locations Guide for Call of Duty 4

If you're going for all the achievements in Call of Duty 4, then you're going to need to collect all the hidden Intels in Campaign mode to get both the 'Eyes and Ears' and 'Look Sharp' Achievements. There are 30 Intels throughout the entire game and I'm going to tell where each one is located with directions and HD Videos.

Chapter 1

Crew Expendable
Crew Expendable Intel GuideIntel 1 The very first Intel in the game is located right at the start of the level. After you rappel down from the helicopter, you'll shoot some enemies through the window. After they have died, Enter through the door and go downstairs, you should see a Drunk man, enter the room on the right with the two sleeping men, the Intel is located on the desk next to them.

Intel 2 The Second Intel on this level is located in the first large area of the Ship. (Lots of red lights and two walkways opposite each other). Take the stairs down and the Intel will be next to the bottom of the stairs on the left side on the ground.

You can also check out a video demonstration on these Intel locations:

COD4 Blackout Mission, Intel findingIntel 1 The first Intel is at the start of the level. Straight ahead is a wooden walkway and a small outhouse. The Intel is located in the outhouse on the table.

Intel 2 Once you enter the house with no electricity, go upstairs and the Intel is in the bathroom opposite the toilet.

Charlie Don't Surf
Intel 1
The Intel is located in the building which you and your comrades breach first. Once you are in the large main room with the brown tables with weapons on top of them, Enter the small room in the top left corner and the Intel is located in there on the table.

Charlie Don't Surf Intel GuideIntel 2 After leaving the building containing the first Intel, You'll come across a Road with car tyres and demolished cars next to it. Instead of going on ahead towards the road, look right and go into the building with no door on it. Go upstairs, The Intel is located on the table next to an M9 Pistol.

Intel 3 Continue on to the Large road mentioned in Intel 2 you will come across more enemies. Once they're killed, stick to the right side of the buildings and you should see a small set of wooden stairs. Go up the stairs and the Intel is immediately on the left on a table next to the TV.

The Bog
The Bog COD4 Intel LocationsIntel 1
Towards the start of the level you'll enter a building where you need to use Night vision goggles. Go upstairs and clear the enemies out. Eventually your comrades will breach one of the doors on the right and inside on the left is an Intel on a small table.

Intel 2 After you destroy the tanks with the Javelin your allies will cut a metal gate and make a hole for everyone to go through. Continue through to get to a marketplace area. Keep going until the objective is about 60-50 Meters away on your compass. Continue on, but keep on taking the left turn and eventually you will reach a lone group of boxes stacked on top of each other in the corner. The Intel is behind these boxes.

Hunted COD4 Intel LocationsIntel 1
About Halfway through the level you will come across a house with a large vending machine by the entrance. The Intel is inside on a tiny table.

Intel 2 You'll come across two Greenhouses, continue past these killing the enemies and then you'll see a destroyed building with no roof. Outside the front of this building is a small area with a metal roof. The Intel is under this roof on the large desk. Be careful of the enemies opposite the Intel shooting at you.

War Pig
COD4 War Pig Mission Intel LocationsIntel 1
Once the tank passes through the large archway to the next area, Continue forward following the tank until you see the building on the right with the giant hole which you can walk through. Once here, take the stairs up on the right and enter the small room. The Intel is on the chest of drawers.

Intel 2 Immediately after getting the first Intel, Go to the building opposite (Looks like a clothes shop). Go upstairs and there are entrances to 3 rooms on the right. The Intel is in the second room on a bed.

Intel 3 You'll get to an area surrounded by cars. Your allies push a dumpster while being shot at by 2 Mounted machine gun users. Once you enter the building where the Machine gun users were, go upstairs and the Intel is on the bed in the corner of the room on the bed.

Shock and Awe
Intel 1 Once you disembark from the Helicopter and enter the first large building go upstairs to where your comrades are. Instead of dropping down to the floor below, Go to the end of the room on the right side, the Intel is behind a barrel.

Achievement unlocked 20G Look Sharp

Intel 2 Immediately after dropping down to the ground you should see the small garage building in front of you slightly on the right side. Enter this building and go upstairs, the Intel is in the tiny storage area on the floor.

Safehouse Intel Locations for COD4Intel 1
The first Intel is in the large building with the giant satellite dish outside of it. You can take the stairs leading down to go through the basement and up to the first floor or you can just go straight through the front door. The basement path is good if you want to flank the enemies. I show both paths in the video. Once inside, go upstairs and the Intel is in the middle room on a desk.

Intel 2 The second Intel is in the bar/pub. The easiest way to spot this building from the outside is to look for the sign outside with gold writing and a picture of a head on it. The Intel is inside in the middle sitting area on the table next to some weapons.

All Ghillied Up
All Ghillied Up Intel LocationsIntel 1 After you do some sneaking around you'll enter a church like building. Instead of just going through the building, go up the large ladder in the building to get to the lookout area (where you just shot the guy on watch), the Intel is on the floor.

Intel 2 Once you get to the area where MacMillan kills a guy and says 'Oi Suzy!' Instead of going straight ahead, take a right and you'll see the Intel on a lone barrel. 4 enemies surround this Intel so if you're going for the 'Ghillies in the Mist' Achievement, skip this Intel and come back later.

Intel 3 Soon after the second Intel you'll have to shoot a guy off the top of the balcony. Kill him, then take the stairs up to where you just shot him, keep going up until you see an open window. Inside is the Intel on a desk.

One Shot, One Kill
One Shot, One Kill Intel LocationsIntel 1 After MacMillan gets injured and you have to carry him you will go through an apartment area and proceed through two open windows and go through another apartment. When you exit this second apartment there will be a ladder outside on the right side. Go up the ladder to the highest floor and the Intel is on the top on the floor.

Intel 2 This Intel is located in the area where you have to fend off waves of enemies while waiting for the chopper to pick you up. After fighting the enemies for a bit, 3 helicopters will arrive to drop off more troops, after the helicopters leave, go down the alley in the south-east and a door should be open where enemies will spawn. (If it isn't open, leave then come back again after 10 seconds or so). The Intel is inside on the floor.

You can also check out a video demonstration on these Intel locations:

The Sins of the Father
The Sins of the Father Intel LocationsIntel 1
After you shoot the two enemies in the watch tower you'll have a large shoot out with enemies in a restaurant. Once the area is clear go inside the Restaurant the Intel is on the left side in one of the booths.

Intel 2 You'll chase Zakhaev's son down some alleyways, When you see the large red skip/dumpster with a mattress hanging out of it, take a right and proceed down the lane. You should see some metal stairs leading to a building. The Intel is inside in the back of the building next to a fridge.

Ultimatum Intel Locations in COD4Intel 1 - After you blow up the large tower with C4 you'll find a large area with lots of enemies. Once you kill all the enemies enter the building where all the enemies spawned from (it has a wooden grid window). The Intel is in the far right side of the building on a table.

All In
All In COD4 Intel LocationsIntel 1 You'll reach a large metal gate which your allies will blow up and open leading to the next area. Instead of going through the gate, take a few steps back to the start of the orange building, and take a right down the small alleyway. The Intel is on the floor at the back of the alleyway.

Intel 2 Once you enter through the destroyed gate mentioned from Intel 1 you'll come across a large area with some huge metal oval warehouses. Enter the warehouse in the East (the one closest to the giant tank with a missile on it). The Intel is in the right middle side next to some barrels.

No Fighting in the War Room
No Fighting in the War Room Intel LocationsIntel 1 Once you drop down from the vents and the countdown begins continue through the area until you get to the room with the red flashing/rotating light. Take the first left to a dark room with a long table, the Intel is on the table. If you're struggling to see, use your night vision goggles.

Intel 2 Once you destroy the wall with the C4 to create a hole in it, continue through to the giant room with computers. Take the far right stairs and then take two right turns, this will lead you to a small room with a large table. The final Intel is located on this table.

Achievement unlocked 20G Eyes and Ears

Congratulations! That's every Intel in the game. If you struggled with any of my directions, feel free to check out the video I have created showing all the Intel locations. Don't forget to watch in HD for the best quality!

Thanks for reading/watching.





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